Sustainability at Bittium in 2017

Megatrends that Affect Our Operations

Bittiumīs operations are guided by the following megatrends, which the Company seeks to address through its operations.

 1. Continuous Technology Development

Bittium has been a technology company since its establishment. Being a forerunner in technology requires involvement in the development of the latest technologies. Currently Bittium is active in the development of i.a. 5G, machine learning and AI related to digitalization, and wireless communication technologies. 

2. IoT and Digitalization

Secure IoT and digitalization have evolved from technical advances. The world is becoming digital fast. More and more devices connect wirelessly to the Internet, cloud-based services and each other. Services have also become digital. Bittiumīs extensive expertise in technology and information security enables creating complex wireless solutions that meet strict security requirements to our customers.

3. Digitalization of Health Care

Global megatrends that affect Bittiumīs medical technology development, biosignal measurements and monitoring are the digitalization of health care, the wider use of wireless solutions in patient care and the growth of home care due to earlier patient discharge times. Bittium meets the digitalization and efficiency demands in health care from its own perspective.

4. Tighter Information Security and Regulatory Requirements

Bittium has a long history in developing communications solutions for its customers in the defense and public sectors. The use of commercial technologies, such as LTE and IP is accelerating in the defense and public safety market. Bittiumīs extensive expertise enables providing advanced commercial solutions that meet extremely stringent information security and regulatory requirements.

5. Cyber Security

Technical advances pose a variety of security challenges to mobile and digital technologies. This has made cyber security a major concern globally. Bittium has robust expertise in mobile information security and the ability to utilize its expertise extensively.